Due to their seasonal use and small fuel tank volume, premature fuel pump failure is especially common in powersports platforms. Extended warm climate operation for ATVs/UTVs and dirtbikes can oftentimes lead to a fuel pump “cutting out” until it has cooled down—leaving the rider and machine stuck on the trail.  Personal watercraft and outboard applications have the additional challenge of operating in corrosive marine environments.  And seasonal downtime in snow and motorcycle platforms can oftentimes lead to fuel tank varnishing, resulting in a seized fuel pump motor.  A fuel pump’s reliability is dependent both on its ability to operate continuously, as well as maintain specified fuel pressure.  As many ATV and UTV users have discovered, dealership fuel pump replacements are cost prohibitive and many times include unnecessary components.  Quantum direct-fit OEM replacement fuel pumps include the correct pressure and amperage draw fuel pump, strainer, and when necessary hoses, clamps and ancillary items to restore the machine’s fuel pressure to OE specifications.  HFP fuel pumps are specifically designed for quiet operation, are compatible with modern ethanol-infused pump gasoline, and are backed by a lifetime replacement warranty.

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